The meteorologist who called “disaster”

We knew the storm was coming. We heard it all over the news and the internet. We got updates on our phone. The meteorologists told us that this storm was going to be insane.

We ignored them. I have prepared for all the storms that have been hyped. We’ve purchased flashlights and batteries, ice, coolers, water, canned goods and all the stuff you are supposed to have on hand when a storm comes. Jeff and I have been prepared for storm after storm only to have nothing happen. How many times can you hear the world cry wolf before you stop listening?

This time, my husband and I went about our lives. You know if you’ve been reading the blog that we have been really busy the last few weeks. We heard that the storm was coming but I think we both figured that it would be nothing, just as all the other storms had been. Well, we got slammed. Now I’m not sure how much we could have done to prepare. We have a gas stove so I can still cook at home.

I suppose we could have gotten firewood. I suppose we could have gotten the cap on the chimney fixed so we didn’t have a draft. Right now, we have the fireplace covered with plastic so the draft doesn’t come into the house. We could have planned better and had some of the trees in our backyard cut down but we didn’t really have the money for that. We could have purchased a generator but I didn’t think the benefit was worth the cost for how often our power goes out. I think in the seven years we’ve lived in our house, we’ve lost our power for a total of seven days and we are on four days in this outage.

I guess we were probably more prepared than most people. You just get this helpless feeling when you can’t do anything about the situation. Yes, we are warm at mom’s but I miss my house and I miss the cats. I’m even starting to miss work. How scary is that?

So we keep plugging along. We have access to all the comforts of home, it’s just not our home. Hopefully, the estimates will be wrong and we’ll be home sooner than the power company thinks. For those without power, keep plugging along. We are praying for you.

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