Picture of the week May 21st: New arrival

I’m a little late getting up last week’s picture of the week. Friday was an extremely hectic day. I had a doctor’s appointment, a chiropractor’s appointment and a convention to go to. But in the middle of all that, we got to meet the newest member of the family.

That’s my husband, Jeff with our niece, Lily. Both Mom and Lily are doing great. She didn’t want to wake up to see us, so Jeff decided to be Jeff and pick her up anyways. She stirred for a few seconds, then realizing how warm Jeff is, fell right back to sleep.

It amazes me what a zoo the hospital was. Every three minutes someone was coming into the room to check something, clean something or give my sister-in-law some information about something. I was half expecting someone to show up with the machine that goes “BING”. It was very much a Monty Python experience.

Welcome to the world, Lily. I hope you enjoy the family as much as I do.

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