Don’t forget the food banks

In the summer, we all tend to get busy with vacations and the kids. Many charities get forgotten in the midst of our hectic summers. Food banks are especially vulnerable in the summer. There was a story in our local paper recently that our town’s food bank is empty, as is the regional food bank.  I’ve read similar stories from all over the country.

How can you help?

First, identify your local food bank. You can generally call your Town Hall to see which organization services the food bank in your town. You may find that your town uses a regional food bank.

Buy some food. If you are a frugal shopper, you know the best places to get staples. Most food banks are looking for things like pasta, rice, beans and canned veggies. You can call your local food bank to see if there are particular needs in your area. Get your kids involved in the process to show them the value in helping others.

If you don’t have the money to donate, consider donating your time. Maybe you can help to schedule a food drive at a local grocery store or offer to help pick up others donations. Talk to groups you are associated with or your neighbors to see if you can organize a food drive. You can also offer to volunteer at the food bank, sorting donations and doing other tasks.

Even if you just donate a can or two, if we all do it, we can make a huge difference.

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