Balance is not something I have ever been good at

I’m great at overbooking. Not double-booking, where you miss appointments. I’m talking about overbooking yourself to the point where you can’t make it to the gym three times a week. I am currently WAY over scheduled. 

I keep telling myself that after this semester is over (yes, I book myself by semester) things will slow down. Who am I kidding? Next semester, I will still be teaching four classes, three days a week. It will be tax season. I may still be on the Board of Education (election is in a few weeks). Plus, after reviewing the courses I need to take before starting a PhD program, I am toying with the idea of taking a four credit course in the Spring. Did I mention I’m also involved with Town politics?

I struggle with what to give up. Since we are paying down debt, the job and the business will stay. Prepping for a PhD program will stay since that is the next step in my career path. The Board of Education is so important to me. I cut back other things I was doing to volunteer for the Board. I have already cut back on the political stuff and will make further cut backs after the election is over.

Clearly something has to give but I’m not sure how to make that transition. I’m not sure how to clear more time out in my schedule. Even letting go of the Board of Education would only give me a few extra hours a week. I’m not sure it would even give me enough time to go to the gym three times a week (oh look, scheduling again!).

Here’s the thing: When my schedule is not insane crazy, my brain shuts down. A few years ago, my schedule was pretty calm and I went lethargic. It appears that I go at only two speeds: zero and insanity. I’m trying to find a middle ground between the two. Clearly, I need to find a better path because I fear that this post will end in faceplant typing if I don’t.

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