Back at home

I’m updating my blog tonight from my cell phone using the WordPress app (which I must say is pretty freakin’ cool) because our internet is out. 

Today was a pretty crazy day. I spent the morning looking for a chainsaw (I know, silly huh?). Then I called my mother-in-law to see if Jeff’s sister and her family wanted to come stay with us since they also had no power. As soon as I made the call, I started to panic. My house was a disaster and I needed to clean. I didn’t know how we were going to fit four adults and two babies in the house since we don’t have a spare room but that is what families do right? So I started cleaning like a mad woman and doing laundry so we had enough towels. I called Jeff in for help also. Just as he came home, my mother-in-law called to let me know that the power was back on and they would not be coming to stay. While I wasn’t looking forward to all the cleaning, it would have been nice to have everyone in the house.

We did some grocery shopping this afternoon since we lost all the food in the fridge and freezer. Thank God for Aldi! I was able to get many of the staples we had lost plus meat for a few meals for 70 dollars. We got home and cleaned everything out of the fridge. I cleaned out the freezer yesterday. Hundreds of dollars of food thrown away. I just about cried as I three away a whole filet purchased earlier in the month along with ten pounds of ribeyes that I had gotten on sale. My fridge looks really bare but I think I will wait to stock up again.

For now, we are trying to get back to normal. There are still a lot of people out of power, so we are better off than most.  To all those still without power, find a warm place to be tonight. I pray you get your power back soon.

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