$25 gift certificates for $2 through Restaurant.com

Now Save 80% Off with every order of $25 Gift Certificates. Use code DINE and pay $2 thru 2/28/09.
I love restaurant.com. Now through the end of the month, purchase a $25 gift certificate and pay only $2.00. These certificates are printed from your computer. Just bring it with you to the restaurant. It’s a great way to save cash when eating out. If you haven’t tried this site, think about it for dinner this weekend!

Update: The code also works for $10 certificates. There is a BBQ place listed in my area that only has $10 certificates (which are normally $3). When I entered the code, the certificate was discounted to 60 cents! At this restaurant, you need to spend $20 to use the certificate but it’s like having a 50% off coupon. I love this site!

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