She’s coming! Hurricane Irene

Hurricane Irene is on her way up the east coast and the people of Central Connecticut are getting prepared. Yesterday, I sent my husband out to get some bottled water. I hate buying bottled water but he wanted to get some. Today, I realized the flashlight was dead and I didn’t have enough batteries. First, I hit Target. They were out of water, batteries and flashlights. Radio Shack was also out of batteries. Luckily, Super Stop & Shop was just putting out some D batteries. Woot!

As I was walking through the store, I saw people with carts, piled high with food. Some of these people were buying enough food to feed a family of four for weeks. Two things I thought were pretty amusing and sad really. First, people were buying food that needed to be refrigerated or frozen. Then, I noticed that most of it needed to be microwaved. Now, I don’t know if our power is going to go out or not, but you are only going to need days worth of food if the power does go out. Otherwise, you can just go to the store like you normally would. But if the power does go out, you will have neither refrigeration, nor microwaves. Hmmmm.

As for us, I didn’t buy any food because we’ve got stuff in the freezer that will need to be eaten if the power goes out for a few days. Luckily, I have a gas stove so it will still work if the power goes out. We’ve also got the gas grill just in case for after the storm is over if we don’t have power. Not really much planning needed on our part.

Only thing I fear is if Jeff has to go without coffee because the power goes out. He loves his coffee. I’ll have to see if I can find my old coffee press. I’m sure I can jerry-rig something if I can’t find it.

I hope everyone on the east coast makes it safely through the storm. Take care of yourselves and each other.