Home Depot Veteran’s discount available everyday!

Yesterday, I posted about a Home Depot purchase but I forgot to mention the discount we received. I’ve recently learned that the Veteran’s discount that Home Depot publicizes on Veteran’s Day is actually available everyday. The discount is 10% and applies to sale purchases as well. In the past month, I’ve spent a lot at Home Depot, including the purchase of a new backpack blower (which was an awesome purchase, more about it soon).

In order to get the discount, you must have proof that you are a Vet. I use my husband’s DD-214 form. I’ve used the discount at three area stores and only one cashier gave me trouble. After we bought the leaf blower, I realized we were going to need a gas can to mix the engine oil. While Jeff was putting the blower in the car, I ran back into the garden center to purchase the can. When I showed the cashier the DD-214, she said I was supposed to have a Veteran’s ID card. I told her my husband has never had a Veteran’s ID card. She then told me that I should have my husband with me to make the purchase. I was at the garden center check out and could see my husband in the parking lot so I pointed him out. She said “Well, I’ll give you the discount, but most cashiers will want a Veteran’s ID card.” She’s the only cashier to give me a hard time about it. I’ve made about half a dozen other purchases since then with no problem.

The 10% discount is limited to $500 per transaction. I’ve never seen any other restrictions but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any. I’ve done some research on the web and most stores are following the policy, but you might want to check with the customer service desk the first time you use it. Happy saving!