The greatest gift I’ve ever received

As we approach Christmas, I always think back to the gifts I have received over the years. I’ve gotten some awesome gifts over the years. I remember when I was nine years old, I got a Nintendo. I was the first kid in the neighborhood to get one. I played that thing for years. One year I got a really nice Mongoose mountain bike. I have one friend who gets me awesome snowmen every year (I love snowmen!). After Jeff and I moved in together, he bought me a Kitchen Aid mixer. I wanted one so badly, I think I cried when he gave it to me (yeah, pretty sad huh?).

With all the cool gifts I’ve gotten, one stands out in my mind more than the others. The first year Jeff and I were together, we didn’t have a lot of money. Jeff and I got each other a few little things that year. One of those gifts was an extra large orange Tigger mug. Tigger is my favorite Disney character and back then I was a huge coffee drinker. I know it seems like an odd gift to choose as my favorite but it has huge sentimental value. It was the first gift that Jeff gave me and I still use it on a regular basis. It’s funny that with all the gifts I’ve gotten it’s a mug that I value most.

What’s the greatest gift you’ve received?