Take a few minutes a day to care for yourself

I think it must be a woman thing. We all go at 90 miles an hour looking after everyone and everything but ourselves. Sound familiar? Well tonight I went to a very interesting presentation by Cheryl Jones-Reardon of The Mindful Path, LLC. She discussed how to be more mindful and taking time for self-care throughout the day. Here is what really got me about her presentation: She talked about focusing on the present. We spend so much time thinking about what we did or what we need to do that we don’t focus on right now. She’s completely spot on with this.

She invited us (she doesn’t like the term “challenge” and I thought that was pretty cool) to think about our decisions during the day and try to make more mindful decisions. For example, how do you get out of bed each morning? Do you rush to take a shower, make coffee and head to work. Cheryl suggests taking a minute to sit at the edge of your bed, notice your breathing and make an intention for the day. I think this is a great way to start the day. If you get yourself off on the right foot, your day just might do a bit more smoothly. She suggests making these kinds of decisions throughout the day. Should you eat lunch at your desk or take a few minutes, reconnect with yourself and enjoy your lunch. Should you make your lunch or eat something out of a vending machine? There are all these decisions we make throughout the day. Can we make better ones for ourselves? That’s what self-care is all about.

I think this can also translate to our financial lives. When you look at a purchase, are you making the best purchase for your life or an easy purchase right now. I try to think about what the purchase means to me. Yes, I might spend $14 at McDonald’s for dinner but if it’s because I haven’t seen my husband all day and I want to spend time with him rather than making dinner, I’m okay with that. If that $14 means I can’t make my electric bill that month, I’m not okay with that. Making mindful decisions for your personal and financial life can mean a lot more peace in your life.

If you sign up for Cheryl’s newsletter at her website, she’ll send you an MP3 of her sitting meditation walkthrough. We did the exercise during her presentation tonight and it was very calming and peaceful. It would be a great addition to your MP3 player since you can do it sitting in a chair and it just takes a few minutes. It’s a great thing to do in the middle of the day when you are thinking about the 900 things you won’t finish today.