What do you do when tap water won’t do?

Thursday morning I read in the newspaper that our drinking water had organisms in it that shouldn’t be there. While these organisms are not harmful, all water for drinking or cooking should be boiled for 1 minute before using. The water is perfectly safe, just don’t drink it or cook with it. You can brush your teeth with it, but don’t drink it, even though it’s safe. My brain hurts, but OK I’ll heed the warning.

Do you know how much crap you do with your tap water everyday?I was reading the morning paper, drinking a cup of home brewed coffee, when I came upon the story. I looked at my cup of coffee. I’m sure it’s fine. It brews very hot and remember, even though we must boil the water, it’s completely safe. Just don’t drink the water.

Thursday night, I made dinner. Luckily no water required. We sit down to eat dinner and I hear my husband crunching something. He likes to chew ice. Ice is bad. All the ice must be thrown away. No ice, even though the water is perfectly safe.

Friday night, I made a casserole with pasta in it. Made the pasta, dumped it into the collendar and proceeded to fill the pan with water to get out the rest of the pasta in the pan and cool down the pasta in the collendar. Oh yeah. That’s a no, huh? I pick the rest of the pasta out of the pan and fold my now sticking pasta into the dish with the rest of the ingredients. Perfectly safe, just don’t drink it. Nothing to see here.

My husband decides to make iced tea. Normally, he brews 2 quarts of strong brewed tea on the stove (boiling don’t worry), then adds ice and cold water. You see the problem with this one? Since we had to boil the second 2 quarts of tea, it was about 9 PM by the time it was cool enough to drink, aka still lukewarm. Everything’s fine, just don’t drink the water.

We bought a few gallons of water today, which were a bit difficult to find since there are five or six towns left on the “everything’s fine, but don’t drink the water” list. We needed water to make more tea and to give the cats. We’ve already gone through most of one gallon and we haven’t made tea again yet. That was just cooking tonight. I needed water to add to something and it wasn’t going to be brought to a boil first. But don’t worry, the water is safe, just don’t drink it, OK?

I was going to make salad with dinner but as I  reached for the lettuce to wash it, I remembered that while perfectly safe, I should boil the water to wash the lettuce in. Since I wanted a salad today and not sometime tomorrow, I decided salad would have to wait till Monday. Perfectly safe… please boil.

We are supposed to hear the results of the water test on Monday. They increased the amount of chlorine in the water to kill the little, non-harmful buggers. A few towns have already come back fine and had the boil advisory lifted. We are still waiting. I know it’s not a huge deal and there are people all over the world who do not have safe drinking water. It’s just amazing when this kind of thing happens how much it throws you for a loop. I think I’ll start some tea for tomorrow. If I want it to be cold tea for dinner tomorrow, it’s going to take that long to cool down. Maybe I’ll just run and buy some ice.