Tag Sale Results

The results are in: $180. Not bad for 5 hours. I was amazed at the things people bought. Clothes, comic books, fabric, a mini sewing machine,  electric hair curlers. The only thing that didn’t sell that shocked me was my pasta maker. I have an Italian hand crank pasta maker that no one wanted. Trying to decide if I’ll keep it or not.

We still have a lot of stuff to sell or give away. I’ll be listing things on Craig’s List and donating to the local shelter. I need to get this stuff out of my garage so my poor car can get back into it.

I will say that tag sales are a lot of work, but having the extra $180 bucks is worth it. Will I have one every year? I don’t think I’ll be able to since I don’t buy much. This was the accumulation of 10 years worth of stuff. I could probably make another sweep through the house and hold another one next Spring but I don’t want to hold on to all this stuff that long. This may be the last one we have until we have kids. With our busy schedules, that will probably be a while.