Man, I feel like a human!

I am finally starting to return to the land of the walking. Today is the first day I have felt like a human being in over a week. That’s the good news. The bad news is the husband is now sick. I don’t think he has a sinus infection like I did but he’s definitely got the dead to the world part of it.

I did manage to go out and pick up a few things today, lots of orange juice and apple cider. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better than today.

Hopefully, we will both be well for Thanksgiving next week.

Movies to get you through sickness and health

When I get sick, there are a few movies that I just love to watch. The A&E version of Pride and Prejudice is one of those movies. I swear, I think I’ve watched it three times in the past week. It’s just one of those movies that I can watch over and over. It’s classic and fairly close to the book. Who doesn’t love a good romance when sick?

Other movies I love to watch when I’m sick:
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (extended version, of course!)
The Princess Bride
The NeverEnding Story
Good Will Hunting

I think my criteria for movies when I’m sick is fairly simple. I think movies with a lot of dialog so I can listen to them while trying to fall asleep. I also like movies that I know well, almost by heart so that I don’t feel bad falling asleep during them.

What movies do you love in sickness and in health? I could use some new ones if this cold continues on. Thank God for DVD’s. I would have worn out a VHS version of Pride and Prejudice this week alone.

Still sick

Went to the doctor today and was told that I have some super cold that is going around. Apparently, a lot of people have it. It’s nasty business and there really isn’t anything you can do except hydrate and sleep. Oh joy!

Did I mention that I am a horrible patient? Hopefully, I will be a bit better tomorrow. So for tonight early to bed. Thank God for Netflix streaming. By the way, season three of Merlin is very good so far. Excellent series if you are into fantasy.

I’m a terrible patient

As I posted the title of this post, my husband looked over at the screen and said “Yup”. Apparently, he believes this for an entirely different reason than I do.

When I’m sick, I’m pretty miserable. I think I get cranky and moody. I tend to sleep a lot when I get sick. I really think it’s my body’s way of healing. It says “Go to sleep, little Kristin, you’ll feel better in a few days.” So that’s what I do.

I don’t tend to get little colds; I get full-blown, can’t function sick. This is the case today. I started coming down with something last Wednesday night and was pretty sick the next day. Last night, things got worse. I had a bunch of appointments today which I dutifully went through and when I got home, I thought I was going to collapse. Actually, I did but luckily I made it to bed first.

Jeff would tell you that I am a terrible patient because I went through my day and did everything I needed to do. I didn’t rest like I should have and now I feel really terrible. He thinks I push myself to hard.

So it looks like tomorrow might be a trip to the doctor since this thing is actually getting worse. With all the sick people around me (friends, college students, etc), I think it might be necessary. Did I mention I also hate going to the doctor? That is for another post on another day. Time for more sleep.

I’m sorry

I’ve been under the weather for about a week now, which is why I haven’t updated at all this week. I’ve also been extremely busy with work and school, which is a terrible combination when you are sick. The great thing about being sick is that you really don’t spend any money.

WARNING: Getting sick is not a good way to start being frugal!

I hope your October budgets went well. We did really well on our food budget and didn’t spend much on other things. I started my Christmas shopping and I had a wedding to go to this month. Thank God for the gift account. Having that money put aside saved me from breaking my budget this month. I haven’t make November’s budget yet, but I haven’t spent any money either. I’ll try to get to that tomorrow and will report soon.

Sick but found a great deal

I’ve been sick since Thursday night. I’ve got a sore throat and I’m all congested. I went to the doctor and it’s something viral. I was told to just wait it out. I’m tired of waiting it out. Hopefully, all will be well soon. is offering another great deal on their gift certificates. Maybe I’ll have Jeff get some takeout tonight. I need to go grocery shopping but just don’t have the energy today. Takeout sounds really good right now. Don’t forget to use the code SPECIAL when you get to the site.

80% off of $25 Gift Certificates when you use code SPECIAL.Pay $2 thru 5/31/09 only at

EDIT: Make sure you read the terms for each restaurant. Most places state DINE-IN ONLY. Well, so much for that. I guess I’ll have a sandwich instead.