Quicktip: Make your own hamburgers

Have you ever compared the price per pound of preformed hamburgers in the meat department to ground beef? Buying preformed hamburgers generally cost up to 75 cents more per pound. That’s insane. I make my own hamburg patties and I spice them up a bit. In a bowl, I combine the ground beef with salt, pepper, garlic powder (or granulated garlic) and dried minced onion (onion powder works well also). I mix it all up and divide the ground beef into patties. I generally form mine pretty thin so they cook faster. As they cook, they’ll contract a bit, giving you a thicker burger than you’d think.

Don’t spend a lot of extra money buying super lean ground beef. You’ll end up with really dry burgers. I like 85/15 for my burgers. If you are concerned with the grease, put them on paper towels or a cut open paper bag to drain off some of the fat after they cook.