When Cleaning Turns into Tearing Down Drywall

It was a pretty crazy weekend at our house. I got a bug up my butt to start reorganizing the kitchen and start putting things aside for a tag sale. I should have taken before pictures but use your imagination. There was a lot of stuff in the kitchen. I was losing counter space and had trouble finding a spot for things in the cabinets. My goals were to go through all my kitchen stuff and PURGE. 2014-08-03 22.27.28

I purged a lot of stuff. This shelf was pretty much empty when I started. All of that is stuff that came out of the kitchen. Baking stuff, pots and pans, decorate stuff that was collecting dust. It all must go. I’m tired of having so much stuff in my kitchen, a lot of which I use very rarely. It’s time to go.

My kitchen was starting to feel claustrophobic. I hated cooking because I didn’t have space to prepare anything. The kitchen was becoming a dumping ground. I’m determined to stop that habit here and now.

2014-08-03 22.15.27My kitchen feels so much better now. I have counter space! I put all the jars away and kept it very sparse. The only things left on the counter now are the toaster, a knife block and my FoodSaver. Each of these items gets used multiple times a week and deserved a space on the counter. That’s my rule for determining what gets a prime spot on my limited counter space. Something must be used multiple times a week to get a piece of this hot real estate. These three items fit the bill.

2014-08-03 22.16.10 2014-08-03 22.15.45

I also cleaned out the “junk drawers”. Yup, I had multiple junk drawers. It’s amazing what you find in these things if you actually start to look at what’s inside. I found some Staples coupons that expired in 2009. I don’t think I need to hold on to those anymore. I found the manual for the oven that died in 2007. That got ditched as well. All the tools that were hiding in the draws when out to the garage, because that’s where the tools live. I had more free pens than one could ever use in a lifetime. Those are gone now.

I decided to use one drawer, with bins, for a few pens, batteries and a few odds and ends I use a lot, like giant binder clips that I use to close bags of chips. The second drawer became the cat drawer. I put the cat brushes, toys and the hairball stuff in that drawer. Now I know where to look for the hairball stuff when one of the kitties needs it. 2014-08-03 22.15.57

After I was done, I had two drawers left. One was holding miscellaneous kitchen tools. I reorganized that drawer and purged more! Since I now had an empty drawer, I decided to get my utensils off the counter and into the drawer. This opened up the counter by the sink. I had two containers filled with utensils. Now the utensils reside in the drawer and the containers are in the tag sale pile.

Look, more counter space without crap all over it! Now the only thing that will reside permanently on that part of the counter is the dirty dishes bucket, which you can kinda see on the right side of the picture. I love seeing more counter space.

2014-08-03 22.14.56I wiped down all the cabinets and cleaned the outside of the fridge. I took all the stuff off the front of the fridge, just leaving the menu board and the grocery list.

See? This is peace in the kitchen. Seriously, I can’t tell you how much peace I feel without all the notices, coupons, old notes and other crap stuck to the fridge.

You want more peace in your life? Get all the crap off your refrigerator doors. It’s like meditation only it doesn’t take up time that I don’t currently have to spare.

So you probably realized that this post is called “When cleaning turns into tearing down drywall.” So far, no drywall torn down. Well, that is because that is outside the kitchen. Come, follow me down the hall and up the stairs.  2014-08-03 19.17.14

This is where we started tearing down the drywall. There was a huge bulge in the wall and it was driving everyone in the house crazy. My nephew decided that today was the day we would start to fix it.

2014-08-03 22.16.50Meanwhile, my husband decided that since the wallpaper was now officially going to need to come down, he started taking down the wallpaper in the hallway downstairs.

So while I was cleaning, the boys were literally tearing apart the house. At least my house will finally be free of the centennial wallpaper that is probably older than I am. It will look much better when it is a nice warm beige.

Thankfully, the wall is coming together nicely. 2014-08-03 22.16.32The first piece is already in place. Soon, my wall will be back and we can wave goodbye to this home improvement project.

By the way, this will end up being a pretty frugal project. With materials, including new paint and primer, this should cost less than $250.  Hiring someone to do the drywall work and paint the entire hallway and stairway would have cost us thousands. Luckily, I have a very resourceful nephew and a husband with a wallpaper steamer.