Is someone you love important enough to sacrifice for?

It’s been a rough month for budgeting.

About a month ago, our cat, Thor, got really sick and we had a $750 vet bill. I’m happy to report that he is much better and is back to his old crazy self. Luckily, we had to the cash in our emergency fund to pay the bill and we were able to put the money back in the emergency fund the next time we got paid.

Tuesday, I walked up to my car and there was paint all over the passenger side of the car. It looked like someone had sprayed white silly string all over the car. We tried everything we could think of to get the mess off, using Google and YouTube to try different ideas. No luck. I reported a claim to my insurance company and $325 later, my car is white paint free. Another unexpected expense.

I was starting to feel defeated. Now that tax season is over, the extra income from my business has slowed down so we aren’t making the insane progress we were over the past few months. The unexpected bills, while we are able to pay them, are also slowing down our progress.

I got discouraged. We have a massive hole to dig out of. Maybe we should just stop and enjoy ourselves. We work so hard and I’m tired.

I had to recenter myself. I had to remember why I am doing this.

2014-01-26 18.51.23

This is Jeffery, my insane, geek of a husband who I love more than anything. He is my why. In 2006 when I was diagnosed with cancer and we struggled through it physically, emotionally, and financially, my eyes were opened. I was lucky that we made it through and I am cancer free but it made me think about the mess I would have left him with. It probably would have bankrupted him.

As a cancer survivor, it is pretty difficult to get life insurance so I can’t insure my way out of this mess. My solution is to clean up the mess so if something happens to me, at least financially, Jeff will be okay. Even as I think about it now, I get emotional. I have seen so many husbands and wives devastated by the loss of a spouse and then relive the pain all over again if the finances are not in order.  I don’t want Jeff to ever have to go through that.

Why should you start down a path to financial freedom? Who is so important to you that you want to make sure they will be okay if something happens to you?