Quicktip: Sports Video Games

We don’t buy a lot of video games in our house. It just seems like there isn’t a whole lot out there that we’d like to play. There is one line of games that my husband loves: Madden Football. You can tell it’s preseason because I keep waking up on the weekends to find him playing Madden 2008. Last year he decided to forgo buying Madden 09 in order to wait until Madden 2010 came out. But he’s not going to buy Madden 2010. Instead he’s going to buy a used copy of Madden 09. Once the new game comes out, last year’s version plummits in price. We can get the version for the Wii for about $10. I’m going to try to get it off SwapTree first but I’m willing to pay $10 for a game I know he’s going to play a lot for a year.

So before buying this year’s soccer, hockey, football, basketball or cricket game (are there even cricket video games?), check out the prices for last year’s used version. Huge savings! It might also be a good time to stock up for Christmas. People generally turn in last year’s version for credit when the new version comes out so there will be lots of copies for sale, ergo lower price.