How distraction almost cost me $48.75

shareasimage (4)I’m usually pretty good about paying attention at the register. I watch as the cashier rings up my order. Over the years, this has prevented me from overpaying for things. Because of Connecticut law, I have actually gotten a few grocery items for free. Well, Friday night I wasn’t paying attention and it almost cost me $48.75.

We were at Costco picking up a few things to bring to a friend’s house for dinner. There were also a few things we needed for the house and well, it’s Costco. It’s a very dangerous place to go without a list. Cereal was on sale. We also picked up some Christmas candy for the stockings (we have really big stockings!).

As we walked into the store, I remembered that I needed stamps for the Christmas cards. I grabbed the huge cardboard placard that you need to bring to the register when you buy stamps. One more thing off my to-do-list. Win!

After buying everything that we needed and a few things we didn’t, we headed to the registers. Jeff and I were talking about all the things we needed to get done and other stores we needed to go to before going home. I swiped my debit card without even looking at the total. The cashier gave me my stamps and the receipt and we were off to the next store on the list. I looked at the total: $162.56. Well, it was less than $200 and for Costco that is a huge win.

Later, as I was taking a picture of the receipt for an Ibotta rebate, I noticed I had been charged for two books of stamps. 2014-12-15 08.04.15

I was really pissed. Not at the cashier. Not at the guy at the door who checks the receipts. I was pissed at myself. I couldn’t believe I missed it. Almost $50 and I missed it. Hell, the stamps were the first thing on the receipt and I still missed it.

On Saturday, we went back to Costco and they gave me my money back. I’m pretty sure if this had happened at another store, I would have been out of luck. After all, how do you prove you didn’t receive something? I was so grateful I could have kissed the woman at customer service. So I got my $48.75 back and what did I do? Spent it at Costco! Well, at least we have groceries for a while!

Has this ever happened to you? Were you able to get your money back? How do you stay focused at the register?