How do you spend?

I think part of the reason that I don’t spend much money is because I don’t put myself in situations where I can spend money. I only go to stores when I have something specific I need. I’m not one of those people who will just walk the mall because I know I will find something I need want. Whenever I go shopping, I make a list of the stores I’m going to go to and what I’m going to purchase there. I try to bundle a bunch of shopping needs into one trip and I try to calculate how much I think I’m going to spend. Doing this usually makes me look at my list again to make sure I really need everything I’m going to buy. When I think I’m going to spend $300 on an outing, it makes me reexamine my trip.

In order to not spend, I try not put myself in situations where I will spend. My weakness is kitchen stuff. I love to cook and I have lots of gadgets and things I would love to buy. I try to keep myself out of situations where I can buy these things. I avoid going into William Sonoma or the kitchen department at Target. If I go into a store with my list, I know exactly what departments I need to go into and only go into those departments. When I go to the grocery store, I skip isles I don’t need to go down. It saves me time and money.