A new way to read for free

Did you know you you can get free e-books at your local library? Lots of libraries now allow members to borrow books from their website. Some libraries even allow patrons to checkout e-readers.

Even if you don’t have an ereader,you can still read ebooks. Nook and Kindle both have apps you can download for your computer, smartphone or tablet. There are also tons of free books through both services, as well as through Google.
At first, I didn’t think I would like reading ebooks but now that I’ve been reading them that way for a year, I won’t go back.Ebooks are so much easier to carry around. I can have multiple books with me on one device. Plus, when I do purchase a book, it I often significantly less expensive in digital format. Ebooks also help declutter my house and I never have to go searching for a favorite novel. All my books are stored in my digital library. I don’t even have to go to the store, which saves as. Ebooks are also ecofriendly. No books to print, ship or deliver to my house.

If you love books, give reading a try. Even my 72 year old mom has an e-reader and now she’s hooked.