Wow how things have changed

Last night, Jeff came home with a bag of memories from his parents house. We went through his baby book, some old art projects from when he was little and a ton of letters he wrote home when he was in the Army. As we went sifted through the letters, written from 1989 to 1993, I noticed something odd. On each envelope, he had written his name and return address and his social security number. He told me he had to put that on there. I didn’t really believe him (this is the same man who signs all my birthday card “Love Jeffery W. Ingram”) until I read one of the letters he wrote home. In the letter he gave his parents his return address and stated that the address must appear exactly as he wrote it, including his social security number.

How things have changed in 20 years. Twenty years ago, the Army required your social security number on your mail. About 10 years ago, they started replacing our social security numbers with an ID number on our college IDs. Now only the last four digits are show on most correspondence. I really wish W-2’s and other tax documents would catch up with the times.

Do you ever have moments where you think “Wow, I can’t believe we did that!”?