How’d they do that?

I’m not usually one for new year’s resolutions but this year I decided to make one. I’m trying to keep my house cleaner and more organized. Since we were having people for Christmas, we got everything cleaned and organized downstairs and have been keeping it up for the past few weeks. Over the weekend we cleaned the bedroom thoroughly and moved all the furniture around. We’ve been keeping up with the dishes and vacuuming every few days (we do have four cats).

I have to say that I am exhausted. I feel like I am constantly wiping, vacuuming or picking up something. Which made me think about our mothers. Both our moms are museum quality cleaners. Nothing is ever out of place. The bathrooms are always sparkling and they were that way when we were growing up. How the hell did they do that? Both our moms worked full-time at some point during our childhood, plus took care of the kids and the house. How did they do all that?

When we purchased our house, I commented to Jeff one day about how dusty the basement was. He told me that was normal. “But my mom’s basement isn’t dusty. Neither is your parents’.” Jeff informed me that our moms cleaned their basements. And after confirming this with his mom, it’s true! I can’t even keep my house clean, let alone venturing down to the basement to clean there. I’m starting to think our parents just didn’t sleep for all those years. I’m not willing to give up the precious little sleep I get to have a perfect house. If anything is going to get my sleeping time, it’s going to be knitting.

So I venture on, trying to figure out the correct magical words that will keep my house clean. Clatto Verata N… Necktie… Neckturn… Nickel… It’s an “N” word, it’s definitely an “N” word! Clatto… Verata… N-[coughs]. Okay, that’s it!