Jackpot! (Or we score a leather jacket)

Today, my husband dragged me to an outlet mall. Yes, HE dragged ME to the outlet mall. An outlet mall that was an hour from our house. I believe he has lost his mind, or at least he did temporarily in the pursuit of a leather jacket.

As I said yesterday, he didn’t want just any old leather jacket. He wanted a blazer style jacket. He was pretty sure that the Wilson’s Leather Outlet would be the place. I didn’t realize how much Wilson’s had pulled back. There used to be a Wilson’s in almost every mall. Now the only one in the state is the one at an outlet mall an hour away.

When we got to the mall, we both commented on how quiet it was for Black Friday weekend. The mall I went to yesterday was also very calm. I’ll be interested to see the retail figures for this weekend. From my observations, people weren’t buying a lot. I also spoke with a number of sales associates on Friday to inquire about the sales. They all stated it wasn’t as busy as they thought it would be. When I was at Kohl’s on Friday, there was an announcement over the intercom that the early morning specials were being extended until 2:30pm. In the years I worked in retail, I had never seen that happen.

As we walk around the outlet mall, Jeff is excited about shopping. This is very odd since my husband HATES shopping. In the last 24 hours, we had been to at least seven stores looking for the perfect leather jacket, going in and out of stores and malls. Now, an outlet mall. We walked into Wilson’s and after 30 seconds found the perfect coat. It was exactly what he wanted and only $135. It fit well, looked good and the price didn’t make me choke. He waited in line as I walked around the store looking for other deals. I found a wonderfully soft scarf on sale for $16.

We concluded the purchase and walked the jacket out to the car. I wanted to do a bit more walking around and Jeff nodded. Apparently, the rabid shopper from ten minutes earlier was gone. He was done. We quickly went into a few more stores. I noticed that a lot of the prices weren’t that great. One of the stores was more expensive than Target for the same merchandise. Other outlets had sales that were not as good as the sales going on all weekend at the regular mall.
I did get a few good deals. We did well at the Hanes and Old Navy Outlets. I took the opportunity to stock up on things we needed.

Clearly, at this point, Jeff was done. Well, except for stopping at the pet store for more fish. I think we have finally replaced all the fish we lost in the storm. The tank is now buzzing with activity and the cats and the husband are happy.

Live is good.