Menu plan and grocery list

The menu plan is a bit late this week. I’m changing things up a bit from the plan I posted at the beginning of the month. Not too much but a few changes.

Sunday – Deep Dish Pizza
Monday (last night) – Chicken Parm with pasta and salad
Tuesday – Shepard’s pie
Wednesday – Chicken Cordon Bleu, buttered noodles and green beans (I’m sure I’ll adjust the recipe a bit. I very rarely follow recipes exactly)
Thursday – Pork loin, rice and salad
Friday – Deep Dish Pizza
Saturday – Peanut Chicken Stirfry, rice
Sunday – Stew, rolls

Whenever I make the Deep Dish Pizza recipe, I always make extra potatoes. I grate them, pack them in 1 cup portions and place them in freezer bags. I flatten the bag and get out as much air as I can. The next time I make pizza, the potatoes are already set, I just need to defrost them. This works really well and saves me time and dirty dishes.

I also made some blondies over the weekend so Jeff has a snack for his lunches.

I only need a few things this week:

A few slices of ham
A few slices of swiss cheese
Frozen corn
Veggies for the stirfry
soy sauce
Strip steak – It’s on sale so that’ll go into the freezer

Everything else I have in the pantry or the freezer. I’m going to have a huge shopping trip next month since the pantry is going to be pretty well picked through at the end of this month.