Falling off the frugal train

Sometimes we all have a bit of a stumble. This month, I felt like we had stumbled a bit. Why haven’t I posted a meal plan lately? Because I haven’t had one. The last few weeks have been really hectic. Last week, we had events every night from Tuesday to Sunday. This week, I haven’t been feeling well. I haven’t gone grocery shopping in about two weeks. We’ve been eating out in some respect a lot this month. Last night, we got pizza from the grocery store (way cheaper than getting delivery). I felt like we’d fallen off the frugal train.

Then I ran the numbers. Remember that I download everything into QuickBooks to match it against my budget. We are actually doing a lot better than I thought. I’m over budget on a few things this month. I’m $17 over budget on my repairs and maintenance budget (we needed weed killer and we recalked the shower in the master bedroom). I’ll take that out of my furniture replacement budget. We are $24 over budget on our entertainment budget. I’ll end up taking that out of the vacation budget.

Our food budget is actually under budget by $56. This really surprised me. I thought we were already way over budget. $56 is plenty of money to get me through the rest of the month.

The moral of the story is don’t beat yourself up before actually looking at the numbers. If you do fall of the frugal train, dust yourself off and start again next month. One of the reasons that I love my monthly budget is that I can always start over next month. Plus, since I budget for everything, even things like furniture replacement, if I go over budget on repairs and maintenance, I don’t overdraw my account. I can just reallocate money from another account. It makes me feel better to know that I have the extra money in the budget incase I need it.

To start my reform effort, I’ve got pork chops defrosting in the fridge for dinner tonight. I’m going to get all my coupons clipped from last week and from the package that my mother-in-law gave me. The store sales kinda suck this week, so I’ll take an inventory and probably head down to the PriceRite to pick up some staples for next week. If I slowly get back on the train, I’ll be fully back on the train for next week.

Have you ever had a frugal slip? How did you get yourself back in the game mentally?