Using it up

In an effort to avoid food waste this week, I decided to get creative in the kitchen.

Wednesday night, we had roast chicken for dinner. It was a lovely chicken and at only 69 cents a pound, a very good deal. Last night, I decided we needed to clean out the fridge a bit. I called my husband and asked him to get some enchilada sauce on the way home.

After a long afternoon teaching the children, I was energized to get into the kitchen to see what would go into the enchiladas. I had some onions so I cut up half a large onion and threw it in the wok with some oil. Next, I picked the chicken clean and tossed that in. Back to the fridge. I found a quarter wheel of white cheddar that a friend gave me which was on it’s last legs and a block of orange cheddar.  I shredded up the white cheddar and added it to the pan. Then I added some of the enchilada sauce. The cheese and sauce melted together wonderfully, but I wasn’t happy with the heartiness of the filling. I ran down to the pantry in the basement and found a can of red beans. Rinsed and in they went as well. The filling was fantastic.

I got out a 9 by 13 pan and covered the bottom with enchilada sauce. I was a bit frustrated with my flour tortillas because they were all stuck together. Thankfully, Jeff took on that job. I filled the tortillas and squished them together in the pan, seam side down. There was a bit of filling left so I just poured it over the top and then covered with more enchilada sauce. I like to pour the sauce down the center so that the edges get crispy. I shredded the orange cheddar and sprinkled it on top. 30 minutes at 400 degrees and poof! Awesomely wonderful enchiladas. I was really pleased with how they turned out.

So go check out what’s in your fridge and pantry and get creative. You’ll be amazed what might be in store for dinner.