Making enough but having trouble with cash flow?

There are a lot of people out there who make enough money each month but because of bill due dates are always late with some bills. The solution is simple: change your due dates.

When my husband got his first full-time job, he got paid once a month. It was tough. He got paid on the 26th of every month and we were living on just his income. I decided to call all of our vendors. I called the credit card companies, the utility companies and anyone else we paid monthly. I asked if we could move our due date to the 5th of the month. Every company I talked to said yes except the phone company. Their billing was tied to our phone number so unless I changed our phone number (and paid a huge fee), they weren’t willing to budge. This made paying our bills so much easier. As soon as my husband got paid, I paid all of our bills for the month.

You can do this, too. Get out a piece of paper and make one column for each time you get paid every month. If you get paid twice a month, you have two columns. At the top of each column, write how much you take home. Now start writing in your bills. Put them in one of the columns based on the due date. Start with your housing, food and utilities. These are the essentials. Now start sloting in any other bills you have. See how much money you have left. If you have a negative cash flow for either column, you need to call to see if you can move some due dates from that column so you can pay them on time with the other pay check.

Paying your bills on time saves you late fees and reduces your risk of overdraft fees. While you are on the phone with all your vendors, see if there are any discounts you qualify for. It can save you a ton of money while you improve your cash flow. I review all my bills every 6 months and my insurance each year. Go, save money!