A very personal way to help those in Haiti

The recent earthquake in Haiti has left many of us looking for a way to help. I know I am always leery about giving money to large organizations because I don’t know if my money will make it to those who really need it. A good friend of mine, Dr. Allison, very much wanted to go to Haiti to help. I found out a few days ago that a mission group she has traveled with in the past is organizing a trip to take a few doctors and nurses to Haiti to provide emergency medical care. They will also be bringing much needed medical supplies and medicine with them.

My friend, Allison, is currently raising funds to help pay for her trip and the supplies and medicine she will be bringing with her. To learn more about the great work Allison has done in the past and the current trip she is planning, you can visit her blog.

I’m glad I was able to find a way to donate where my donation will have an immediate impact on the people of Haiti. I continue to pray for them and I hope you will too.