Frugal Friday – 11/13/09

The second edition of Frugal Friday is here. Link to your frugal posts below. How did you save money this week?

I realized something wonderful this week. I knew that Home Depot offered a 10% discount to military and veterans on certain military holidays, but Lowe’s offers their discount EVERY DAY! I wish I had realized this before. I carry a copy of my husband’s DD214 in my purse (it’s amazing how many times I’ve needed it for something) so I’m always prepared for my Lowe’s discount. Some on the internet say you should call your store first to confirm since some stores were being a pain about it. Others said that Home Depot would match the 10% discount if you ask. Again, I think this would be dependent on who you talk to. I really with that stores would get their discount policies straight.

I may have to go shopping for the lighting we need for the family room this weekend. We painted months ago but I still haven’t found lighting that I’m willing to pay for. If I’m going to pay $50 per light, I at least want it to be something I like. Cheap and picky generally do not mesh well.

Have a great weekend!