When dinner doesn’t work out as planned

When my husband asked what was for dinner tonight, I told him we were trying a new recipe. When I said Pierogi beef skillet, he made a face. I showed him the recipe. He said it was “mahnush” (pronounced ma-nush, I have no idea how to spell it because it’s  a word he has made up). Don’t ask me what mahnush is. After 10 years together, I’m still not sure what makes something mahnush. I’ll try to get him to clarify that for me. It’s been impossible so far.

I knew that recipe was dead-on-arrival. So I had to improvise. I was already set on the fact that I was going to use the ground turkey, so I decided to use my old standby: The build-your-own casserole (posted to the recipe page of the site). I love this one because I can almost always make it with what I have on hand and it’s a great way to use up stuff in the pantry. You can use any combination of meat, veggies, toppings and whatever else you have in the house. I used cream of mushroom soup, frozen corn, pasta shells, ground turkey, a can of sliced mushrooms, a package of cream of mushroom soup and topped it with crushed Ritz crackers and some leftover shredded cheese. It’s quick to whip up and always turns out good.

The recipe is from a great group over on Yahoo Groups called Pantry Challenge. I used to be very active over there but then life got crazy. I do still go over there every now and then to check out what’s shaking. You might want to go check it out yourself if you are looking for new dinner ideas. They even have a folder full of cheap eats dinners. This is where this recipe came from.