Looking for local deals? Check your radio!

Well, maybe not your radio, but your local radio stations’ websites.

While listening to the radio yesterday, I heard the DJ talking about half price deals on their website. I decided to go check it out. I was quite impressed. The station offered a number of half off gift certificate deals for local restaurants, stores and entertainment venues. I decided to check out a few other stations in the area and many of them also offered their own deals. One station in Western Massachusetts even has an upcoming deal for a CDL training school.

I  would encourage you to check out your local radio stations to see if they offer half price deals. The stations I went to were WCCC (Hartford), WHYN-AM (Springfield, MA), and WRKO (Boston – under traffic and more).

If you find any good deals in your area, let us know!

Looking for deals on the web…Wow!

My mom asked me to help her purchase a digital camera. She wants one to take pictures of her art and, who 51r7h9ch2fl_sl160_knows, maybe we’ll have her blogging about it one day. We went up to Best Buy to take a look at cameras. After a while, we settled on the one she liked but we didn’t get it there. She later saw the same camera at Wal-Mart for $10 less. I went online last night to Amazon.com to do a little digging there. I found the same Nikon Coolpix camera that she was looking at in the stores for $123. The same camera was $179 at Best Buy and $169 at Wal-Mart. That was a pretty good savings on its own but then we started looking at  accessories. She needed a memory card for it and a case, so she wouldn’t scratch the screen in her purse. Amazon likes to bundle things together sometimes so I added the bundle they had put together to her cart. The bundle included a 4GB card and a leather case. The card was $5.88 and the case was another $8. The card alone would have cost her $50 to $100.  The case was originally $40. She paid $4.50 for shipping on the card and the case since they weren’t coming directly from Amazon. I’ve got an Amazon Prime account so we didn’t pay for shipping on the camera. I know Amazon has supersaver shipping for orders over $25, but I order a lot from amazon for business and generally I need it yesterday so the Prime membership saves me a ton in shipping charges. Because of where I live, I generally get most things I order the next day.

So, all told, we spent $141 for the camera, the case and the memory card. My mother was thrilled because she got the camera in the color she wanted for $28 less than we saw it anywhere else plus she got the accessories she needed!

I also consulted BizRate, which is an online price comparison site. The lesson here is, that if your looking for gifts for moms, dads and grads during the next month or so, there are some awesome deals out there on the web.