My deal of the month: Buying a new computer

I really needed a new computer for my office. The one I’m currently typing on is eight years old. It’s been a great computer with few problems but it’s on its last leg. So in comes my deal of the month. This actually counts as the deal of the month for March since I ordered it Tuesday.

Notice that it’s not a big brand name. I purchased a server from the same company about a year ago and I love it. I have been really happy with this brand and the company I ordered it from. The big names are more expensive because they do a lot of advertising.

Notice it has no operating system. You would have to purchase that separately but my business owns Windows XP licenses so I don’t need to purchase an operating system. If you needed the operating system you could add it for $95.

It does have 4GB of RAM. I generally have a lot of applications open at one time so I like all that RAM. The video card is integrated, which means it’s not separate from the processor. I might upgrade the video card but I’ll see how it goes right now.

My husband’s computer which is also about 8 years old is still running well so he is going to take some of the parts out of my old computer to upgrade his. I’ve got RAM, a hard drive, a newer power supply and video card which he will put in his computer. The fan and the video card are only about a year old. When we are finished, we’ll have two pretty rocking computers for about $330. Not two bad, right?

On this computer, I did not buy the extended warranty. It was only $300. The one year extended warranty was $50. I didn’t think it was worth it. When I bought my $1,300 server, I got a 3 year 24 hour in-house emergency warranty for $300. This is my server we are talking about. I need that thing up and running during tax season. I do have a backup system I use for the server, which you should definitely check out. It’s called Carbonite Online Backup. For less than $55 a year you can back up all your files. It completely saved me a few years ago when my laptop crashed a few days before the tax deadline. I was able to get all my files and get back up and running fast. They also have a free trial. So worth it.
My computer should arrive today. I’m so excited. My husband is going to get it all set up over the weekend. Hopefully, the next post will be from the new computer.

EDIT: I completely forgot. When I bought the computer, I went through, which I have been a member of for a while now, and got 600 points on my account. I now have enough for a $50 gift card from one of a ton of stores listed on the site. I’ve been saving up for a little while. I wonder what store I’ll get my gift card for. Any suggestions?