Free T-shirt for bloggers

I always look for coupons when I’m shopping online. This weekend I ordered shoes from DSW and on my hunt for coupons, I stumbled upon RetailMeNot. This site is great for online coupons because it tells you how successful people were using the codes.

I noticed on the side bar they are running a promotion for bloggers. Add their widget to your site and you can get a free T-shirt from Threadless! So if you have a blog, you might want to check this out. If you have a wordpress blog, it’s just like adding any other widget to the side bar.

After buying a pair of shoes for me and my husband this weekend, a free t-short would make me feel much better.

I don’t get it

no-saleLast night, I went to Big Y (a local grocery store chain with stores in Connecticut and Massachusetts) because they were having the Buy 1, Get 2 free sale. I love the B1G2 sale. I picked up 3 dozen eggs for 2.19. I got 4 lbs of ground turkey for $5. I got 3 lbs of pasta for 1.69. Everything I bought was onsale. Even the milk. In all, I got over $140 worth of groceries for less than $65. Saving more than 50% on my food bill makes me a very happy camper for the week.

So I’m standing in the dairy section, by the eggs and this woman walks right past the store brand large brown eggs that are B1G2 to buy the store brand white eggs that are not on sale. She even looked at the sale sign then looked at the eggs I was purchasing and kept on with her white eggs. It’s times like these that I want to take my fellow shopper and shake her. She really didn’t seem to be budget conscious at all, because after getting the eggs she bought refrigerated cookie dough, also not on sale. Many times I will say something to someone if they are buying a product and there is something identical on sale right next to it. I’ve even been known to give out coupons in the isles but I get a lot of strange looks from people since this is Connecticut and all. I think it’s Connecticut state law that you aren’t allowed to be friendly to people in a retail environment. So I just went on my merry way, annoyed with people who completely ignore sales. When I got to the cashier, the front end manager was explaining to a woman how the buy 1, get 2 free sale works. “If you purchase three of an item, you’ll get two of them free, but if you only purchase one of the item, it’s full price,” she explained. Is it that hard to understand? Really?

The cashiers are always amazed when I walk out of a sale like this. I’m not really sure why since most things I bought were at least buy 1 get 1 free and I had a bunch of coupons. I guess that’s why they call them loss leaders. Most people are lead into the store by them and then buy a ton of other stuff. I just buy the loss leaders and call it a day. Jeff was laughing at me as I mumbled something under my breath about paying full price for eggs.

Am I the only person that reacts like this? I can’t be the only crazy one at the grocery store. Someone tell me I’m not the only one. Please?

Print FREE Grocery Coupons at Home

Really impressed with Perdue

I’ve been looking all over the place for a product I purchased last fall called “Perdue Simply Smart breaded chicken breasts”. I purchased them at my warehouse club since there was a coupon and they were awesome. Haven’t seen them since. Last night, I filled out a customer service form on their website (it was really early this morning). Someone called me about 11:30 to discuss the product with me. I was told the product was “suspended” but that she would forward my comments to the sales and marketing department. She also suggested some alternatives to that product in their existing product line and sent me coupons and a recipe book.

I’m very impressed with response I received to my inquiry. They may be added to my “I’m willing to pay a bit more” list. And now, to the farmer’s market.

Busy week ahead

I stated about a month ago that I was taking the GMAT. Well, the test is two weeks away. The blog posts are going to be short for the next two weeks so I have more time to study. I’ll do a series of quick tips for the next few weeks. If you have any tips to share, please shoot me an email. If your tip becomes one of the daily posts, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a free copy of Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace Revisited. Submit your ideas via email to I look forward to reading them. Please send your ideas by Sunday, July 26, 2009. Put “QUICKTIP” in the subject line.

So today’s tip: If you have a product you really like, call the manufacturer and let them know how much you like it. Nine times out of ten, you’ll get coupons from the company. Also, if you have a problem or concern, make sure you call them as well. I called Betty Crocker to let them know I didn’t like the new recipe for Suddenly Salad pasta salad (they put the toppings into the dressing packet which made the croutons soggy). The representative asked me for my name and address. She sent me a coupon for $1 off any product and a second coupon for any Betty Crocker item free (up to a $6 value). Woot! I’ve also called Sara Lee in the past with questions about their products and gotten excellent coupons. It’s worth it. You can get the phone number on the packaging or the company’s website.

Also, don’t forget that tomorrow, Tuesday, July 21st, is Free Pastry Day at Starbucks. More information here. You have to purchase a drink to get your free pastry but it’s a great deal if you just buy a coffee. I think that might be a blow money purchase tomorrow.

A coupon too far

The Veteran and the Coupon Warrior entered a little bit of heaven. It was the legendary land of electronics.  The Coupon Warrior seemed in some rush.

The Veteran said, “Hey relax, we are not in any rush.”

She just responded, “Jeffery.”

As they went deeper he would occasionally say something like, “LOOK SCREEN SHINY” or “BUTTON FLASH, JEFF WANT!”

Turning into the main aisle of the store her voice turned into a severe warning, “JEFFERY!” the Coupon Warrior’s eyes narrowed.  The Veteran was shocked to learn this place was not heaven, but some evil attempt to lure the pair into another battle for savings,”Crap, but the name was so good.”

She moved quickly and stealthily. The Veteran was forced to run to keep pace.  However, he always preferred speed in the shopping experience.  The Veteran watched with pride as the Coupon Warrior effortlessly kneed a cell phone salesperson in the groin without breaking stride. The poor chump just fell silently to the ground.

With speed and precision the pair torn through the store; occasionally, the veteran heard a faint voice saying how much they could save by switching plans.  However, the voice was distant and beaten.

The confident pair turned into the final aisle.  The Veteran noticed the ground shift and tried to warn the wife, “Ambush!”  However, it was to late; the pair started to sink into the quicksand pit that appears in every store.  He looked desperately at his wife as she opened her coupons. There was a massive explosion of expired coupons.

The Veteran saw a zombie looking cell phone salesman entering the aisle, arms stretched out, “moooore miiiinutes.”  He looked desperately, seeing his wife unable to move.  Thinking of the poor cats at home and his injured wife the Veteran reacted.  He grabbed a bag of cat litter and threw it in the cart.  Lifted the injured Coupon Warrior over his shoulder dragging the cart our of the pit away from the zombie cell phone salesman who still cried, “moooore miiiinutes.”  He ran down the long back aisle towards the check out.  Pushing the cart and carrying the wife towards cashier his heart quickened until he heard the sweetest voice say, “Honey.”

Hoping the wound was not fatal he placed the Coupon Warrior on the ground at the end of the aisle.  “What is it dear?”  She weakly smiled, “I found a coupon!”  Her smile grew.

The veteran smiled, heart full of love, “Dear, you are too injured; wait here.”  He lifted the cat litter over his shoulder.  He looked back up the long back aisle. Seeing it filled with hundreds of zombie salesmen.  He smiled noticing they stopped in housewares and wishing they were in S-MART.  No S-MART, no guns. Then thinking of his buddy Mike (the zombie expert, yes zombie expert), he grabbed the closest crowbar.  He took a second to look back at the wounded Coupon Warrior and said, “Save me some sugar baby!” turned towards the zombie cell phone salesmen, he lifted the crowbar over his head screaming, “OH WELL!” He heard his wife say faintly, “But honey, sugar is NOT on sale.”

The battle was quick but deadly, the heads of zombies were quickly parted from their heads. The veteran did not escape unscathed, covered in bite marks and 2-year contract paper cuts.  He looked back at the corpses smiling.  He pulled his wounded body back into the cat aisle, grabbing the correct litter. He dragged himself back to the coupon warrior.  He watched as she pulled herself back to her feet.  Finally, the Veteran placed the litter into the cart. A very confused looking Coupon Warrior asked sweetly, ” I didn’t tell you it had to be the fifty pound bag?”  The veteran started giggling.  The Wife looked at him and said, “Are you all right?”  The Veteran started laughing. “Jeff?” . . . “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA . . . more minutes” was his last response. As all went black he heard, “Oh and we need cat food.”

This week’s meal plan and grocery shopping results

I had a great week at the grocery store. Big Y is having a buy 1, get 2 free sale. Plus there were three double $1 coupons in the flyer. Here are some of the deals I picked up:

3 dozen large eggs – 1.99
6 cans B&M baked beans (the larger cans) – 1.99 (B1, G2 plus a 1.00 off coupon when I bought 4, which the store doubled).
3 packages of bagels (6 in each package) – 3.79
3 bottles of BBQ sauce – 1.99
3 boxes of pasta shells – 1.99
3 bottles of cranberry juice – 5.00
3 large bottles of pancake syrup (for Jeff, I use the real stuff) – 5.19
3 bags of salad mix – 3.59

I think the deal of the week was this one: Hormel pork chops were B1, G1. I bought two small packages, each containing 2 bone in pork chops for 3.82. I had a $1 off coupon which the store doubled. So I got 4 pork chops (roughly 2.5lbs) for 1.82. That works out to about 72 cents a pound. I don’t know how things are where you live, but that is wicked cheap around here.

Total before savings and coupons: 142.76. I paid 69.23. Savings 73.58. Plus I got a $5 off coupon for next week. We had a ton of groceries so the next few weeks should be light. Just meat and veggies unless the sales are good. My pantry was pretty well depleted before this trip. I’m still low on a few things so hopefully the sales and coupons will be good for the next few weeks.

This week’s meal plan:

Monday – Spaghetti and Meat Sauce You should really try this one. It’s so easy and so good.

Tuesday – We are going out with a friend tonight. Last minute plans so things are getting moved around a bit. We were supposed to have sweet and sour chicken. I guess we’ll make that next week, which is a good thing since I used the onion and pepper I bought to make the sauce last night. Oops.

Wednesday – Pork chops, rice-a-roni and salad. I’ll probably just marinate the pork chops in BBQ sauce or sprinkle them with grill seasoning.

Thursday – Beef stroganoff, made with leftover london broil from Sunday, egg noodles and salad.

Friday – Pizza with salad (gotta get rid of all that bagged salad!)

Saturday – Cornish Game Hens, stuffing and, you guessed it, more salad!

Sunday – Chicken Tetrazzini and if we have anymore left, how about another salad? I love this chicken recipe since it’s really easy to make. I don’t use as much chicken as Susanne uses to help keep the cost down. I generally make this when I have a small chicken breast or two and cut the chicken up really small. There are a ton of creamed chicken variations on this page so check it out.

If you don’t feel like cooking is offering another great deal. This time, 80% off the certificates. It’s pretty early in the month so the selection is still really good. Just in time for father’s day!

80% off of $25 Gift Certificates when you use code PRESENT.Pay $2 thru 6/15/09 only at

Don’t forget to check out all the new coupons at I’ve gotten some great ones this month.

You gotta fight for your right…

to use coupons! This is what I had to last night at the grocery store.

Last night, I went grocery shopping.  I had a meal plan in my head as well as a mental list (I know, bad frugal CPA). We actually did fairly well. I knew what the sales were and didn’t buy anything outside the meal plan. We bought a ton of meat, all on sale and some with coupons. I had a coupon for $3 off a $15 meat purchase from a competitor. I found the coupon after Michelle at Wicked Cool Deals posted about it. When I was checking out, he handed me back that coupon and stated that they do not accept competitor’s coupons. I told him I went to a blog post specifically about this store and was told I could use this coupon. Apparently, the cashier does not believe in the accuracy of my fellow bloggers and hands me back the coupon. I’m sure that Michelle would not steer me wrong. She got me free chocolate today (have I told you how much I love this woman?).

As I was walking out of the store, grumbling to my husband and checking my receipt, I looked up to see a huge sign by the door that read “This store will be accepting COMPETITOR’S COUPONS during the months of May and June”. My husband later told me that I got a crazy “puma ready to pounce” look in my eyes as I swiftly grabbed my coupon file and darted back into the store. My husband knows this look well. He’s sees it alot when I find an incorrect price on my receipt. I went back into the store and got my $3. I also went back to the cashier to let him know about the sign. The head cashier even came up to me to appologize. I asked if the store has a written copy of their coupon policy. I was told they would look into it. I explained to them that it is very difficult to keep up with their coupon policy because it keeps changing. The head cashier told me she would follow up with me. It appears she recognized me. Hopefully, I’m not the crazy woman with all the coupons. There must be someone at that store more savings driven that I am. I’ve never seen him or her when I’m at the store, but I don’t think the store could handle more than one of me at a time. I think we frugal types are genetically linked and know when the others are at the store so we can spare the employees.

Make sure you know the coupon policy at your local grocery store. Do not rely on your cashier to know it, especially if it changes a lot. As for me, I got my prey (my $3) and am one happy shopper. I’ll be looking for more competitor’s coupons. I hear Stop and Shop has double $1 coupons this week. I think the crazy look is returning.

Menu planning, grocery shopping and a dead battery

I was giving a final exam yesterday, so I decided to bring the Sunday coupons for clipping and do my meal plan. I’m pretty sure my students thought I was crazy, clipping all these coupons, flipping multiple times through the Price Chopper flier and every so often beaming when I realize what I great deal something will be.

I made the menu plan for the week:

Tuesday: Chicken fajitas

Wednesday: Jeff’s on his own. I’ve got a business women’s networking meeting.

Thursday: Pizza

Friday: Chicken and mushroom alfredo, salad

Saturday: Hamburgers

Sunday: Steak, potatoes and corn

I made a huge list of all the awesome deals at Price Chopper this week (Thanks to Wicked Cool Deals for an awesome list of sale items and coupons!) That reminds me! If you can’t find your grocery store on one of the big grocery store watching websites, look for a smaller site. Wicked Cool Deals is an awesome site with great deals. I don’t know how she does it, but it’s a great site.

So I’ve got my list and I purchase all my stuff. I’ve got Suave deodorant, 2 of them for 38 cents each. I got the Suave shampoo, 6 of them for 30 cents each. I got the Knorr pasta side dishes for 60 cents each (I like those for lunch). I got the Wheat Thins for 50 cents a box. I got the Friendly’s ice cream for 99 cents. I also got two bottles of Wisk detergent for 4.68. I got five 12-packs of coke for $11.  I even got two boxes of Superpretzels for free.  The Superpretzels were B1G1 then I had two coupons for 75 cents off one box and Price Chopper doubled them. I got $146 worth of groceries for $72 and I got a coupon for $7 off my next trip because I spent $20 on Unilever products. I spent more than I normally do but I got to stock up on some things I needed. Next week, I’ll use my $7 to get some meat for the freezer. Free meat is always a good thing. I take my very full cart of groceries to the car and lug it all into the house.

I get everything home and “stage” my groceries on the kitchen table. I barely get everything to fit. I’ve got cases of coke stacked up with shampoo and conditioner bottles on top of that, boxes and bags of things all neatly displayed. I run upstairs to grab the camera and I realized that after spending all that time… the battery is dead. Sigh. So no picture of all my awesome grocery deals. Technology defeated me yesterday. Note to self: always put the battery back in the charger when done using the camera.

So my question today: have you found any awesome blogs to help you with your grocery deals or good coupon summary sites? I had a lot of coupons printed off the internet this trip which saved me a ton. I had $31 worth of coupons this week, which is a lot for me. Internet coupons rock!