Don’t throw away veggie scraps

It always amazes me how many veggie scraps I have. When you cut up an onion, you cut off the ends, peal off a few layers and now have a pile of scraps. You cut up a pepper or prepare some carrots and you’ve got scraps. Don’t throw them away or into the compost bin. Use them for flavor.

There are two ways I’ll use my scraps. You can use them as aromatics when making a turkey, chicken or roast. Just lay them at the bottom of the pan or stuff them in the  body cavity. This will add a wonderful flavor to your dish without the extra cost of buying veggies that will do to waste. They will also nicely flavor the drippings in case you want to make a gravy. Yum!

The second way I use my scraps  is when making stock. Whenever you make stock, the recipe always says to add carrots, peppers, onions, celery, which is just going to be tossed out with the bones. Rather than buying veggies for this purpose, save your scraps. They’ll add the same  flavor to the dish without the added cost.

I generally save up all my scraps in a gallon sized bag and place in the freezer. Then you can take out what you need.