Budgeting challenge… would you?

I’m trying to find more interactive things to do on the blog. There are a ton of you out there reading this everyday. I see the numbers and I am quite amazed how fast the site has grown. Helping you save money keeps me going and it actually keeps me frugal as well. When I pick up a frivolous item in a store, I think to myself oh dear, what would the readers think? You actually have a very profound effect on my life. Ok, enough of that or I’ll start tearing up like Glenn Beck.

In order to make the blog more interactive and to get you to really put the numbers down on paper, I’d like to propose a budget challenge. Get your budget in line 2009 would be a project starting in April to help you  create and follow a budget for a few months. We would start April 16 and the project would run until July 30. I would not expect you to share your numbers with those on the site but I would expect you to share your experiences.

There are a few things you would need to assemble in order to take part, which is why I’m posting this now. You’ll need to gather all of your “spending statements” for the month of March. This includes bank statements and, if you charge things on them, credit card statements. We need to be able to pull together what you are spending your money on. Since we don’t have those statements yet, watch your mail. Remember, we need to be able to identify each item you spent money on, whether cash, check or charge. If you use cash for a lot of things, we’ll have to estimate the best we can.

If you are interested in participating in this challenge, please post here. I need to see there are people interested in the project before I pull this all together. If we go forward, there will be a page on the website dedicated to the project with forms and other resources to help you. I want to start the project on April 16. For those of you who sign up and follow along through the process, there will be prizes at the end. They won’t be magnificent prizes (remember, I’m frugal), but a way to say thank you and good job for following through. The best prize will be knowing that you can make a balanced budget and stick with it.

Who’s with me?