My Black Friday

Jeff had to work today so I decided to go to the mall. Yes, I went to the mall on Black Friday. No, I didn’t go at 4am. No, I didn’t get sprayed with pepper spray. Yes, I did get some good deals.

I got to the mall at about 8:30am. I had no trouble finding a parking spot. That was shocker number one. When I got into the mall, it wasn’t really all that busy. I had a few things on my list, some things I needed to get and some things I would get if the deal was really, really good. I needed some new jeans and I knew Old Navy was having a sale. I needed a new electric blanket (but I didn’t want to spend more than $60). I wanted a roasting pan but wasn’t willing to pay much for that. Jeff wanted a leather coat. He needed a coat but really wanted a leather one.

First thing I did was go to Best Buy to see if they had any tablets left for $249. Nope. Hey a girl has to try. A few years ago, there was a great deal on a Gateway laptop on Black Friday. Jeff and I arrived at 1:30 in the afternoon thinking there was no way in hell we were getting one of those door buster laptops. Well, come to find out they did have them because someone messed up and forgot to put them on the floor so all the associates thought they were sold out. Always have to try, right?

Next stop: Old Navy. I had a great time in there. Jeans were on sale for $15 a pair. I got three pairs for myself since I just threw out a few pairs because they were tearing at the rear pocket. I also got a pair for Jeff. There were some great deals on sweaters also so I bought a few of those also and a couple thin long sleeve shirts I can wear under them. Four pairs of jeans, 2 long sleeve shirts, three sweaters and a pair of snowman pajama pants for $130. Yes, I know I didn’t technically need the snowman pajama pants, but anyone who knows me knows I LOVE snowmen and pajama pants so snowman pajama pants on sale for $7 was just too much for my brain to handle. I also got 1,000 kickbucks for my purchase.

With a huge bag of clothes, I headed to Macy’s. Leather jacket..umm, nope. Electric blanket for $60… not even close. I did, however, find a very nice roasting pan for $9.99. Win! The problem I had with the Macy’s sale was that the coupons weren’t very useful because you couldn’t use them on regular priced items and you couldn’t use them for many of the sale items because they were morning specials. Very annoyed, I left with my roasting pan and nothing else.

I put my purchases in the car, which was all the way at the other end of the mall (I should have planned that better). Now, I was on the full hunt for a leather jacket for Jeff. He wanted a specific style of jacket, one that looks like a blazer. I went to every store in the mall and only found a hand full of leather jackets. I even left the mall and went to Men’s Warehouse. They had one, but it was $450. Luckily, it had funny stitching on the collar and he didn’t like it. Phew!

My last stop was Kohl’s. I had my 15% off coupon and started hunting for deals. I found a heated mattress pad, originally $129.99 for $59.99 with an additional 15% off with my coupon. Final price: $50.99. I also bought a new rug for the entry from the garage. It was originally $54.99. I thought it was on sale for $32, then my coupon, but it was actually on sale for $24.99 then my coupon. It’s a really nice oversized rug and Thor loves it. He can’t stop playing in it.

Jeff and I went to Burlington Coat Factory, Jos A. Bank and even Brooks Brothers looking for a jacket. No luck. Tomorrow, we are going to try a Wilson Outlet store to see if we can find one. I can’t believe it is this difficult to find a leather jacket. I also can’t believe that Jeff wants a leather jacket so badly that he is willing to drive an hour to go to an outlet mall. I think I need to bring him to the doctor.

Did you go Black Friday shopping? What was your deal of the day?

Do you Black Friday?

I have never been one to wake up at 4am for anything, especially Black Friday. It’s too early, too crowded and unless you are looking for the 10 laptops that Best Buy is selling for $3 each, the deals aren’t that great.

My husband, the techie, seems to think that Black Friday as a day is almost dead. I’ve been getting emails for the past two weeks about Pre-Black Friday, Not-Black-Friday Friday, and Super Not-Black-Friday-Black-Friday-on-a-Thursday Sales. It’s pretty insane. All these retailers trying to get your cash before the Black Friday sales begin. With the internet, most of the sales have already been leaked so other retailers can try to do better beforehand.

I also learned a few months ago that retailers have to order their holiday merchandise in April. In April of this year, the economy looked like it was growing at a good clip and economists had a rosy outlook for the rest of the year. Retailers, therefore, ordered a lot of inventory. The economy has cooled a bit and many retailers are now worried they are going to be stuck with excess inventory this holiday season. I think this is why we are seeing so many early sales. Retailers understand that the days of huge credit card Christmases are over for many people and there are very limited dollars out there this season. Those retailers are going to be scrambling for your business.

So what is my plan? I’ve put my budget together and I’m going to start my list. I will be checking Amazon’s deals on Thanksgiving via my smart phone since they generally have some interesting deals. I will then check the retail sales figures the Monday after Thanksgiving. If the numbers are worse than expected, the sales are going to get much better in the coming weeks. If the numbers are good, but not great, the sales will continue after Black Friday is over. If the numbers are somehow great, I’ll be doing most of my shopping online. I have signed up for emails from all the retailers I plan to shop with and I’ll be checking my and accounts for bonus cash back offers.

I will be sleeping in on Black Friday and enjoying my day off. Where will you be? How do you do your holiday shopping? What’s your plan to be the best deals?