What I’ve learned this month

  • I’ve learned that sometimes you just need a break from the blog and even if you don’t write for almost a month, people will still come to the blog. You guys amaze me and I love you all for it.
  • I’ve learned that you can rebuild relationships.
  • I’ve learned that spending a little extra on really good food saves me in the long run because I don’t crave crappy fast food as much.
  • I’ve learned that I will never knit Christmas gifts as fast as I think I can.
  • I’ve learned that even my evil black cat can sense when I’m sad and will come comfort me.
  • I’ve learned that you don’t need to decorate for Christmas to have a festive holiday.
  • I’ve learned that I hate Christmas shopping for my husband and from now on we’ll just go shopping together, even if it’s not a surprise.
  • I’ve learned I can make a damn good turkey dinner and that oven roasting bags are AWESOME!
  • I’ve learned that I can pull off a successful holiday meal with a bit of planning and a husband who cleans (Thank you Jeff).
  • I’ve learned that all you need to get your friends out of the house is bacon, cheese and chocolate (I’ll explain soon).
  • I’ve learned that I can’t always do it all and sometimes I need to accept that.
  • I’ve learned that it’s not about how much you spend on a Christmas gift but how much thought and effort you put into it that counts.
  • I’ve learned that I still hate shopping, except at Stew Leonards.
  • I’ve learned that a hot cup of coffee and some good kinmates make the season bright.
  • I’ve learned that turning 30 is not nearly as bad as turning 29.

While it may not be evident on the blog, it has been a very productive December for me. I’ll catch you all up soon. What did you learn during the holidays?