Could the bills get here already, please??


I’m intense with my bill paying. When money comes into our account, I want it out ASAP. Since I’ve spent all my money on paper, I know how much money is going out to everyone. But now I have a problem. We’ve never been late on our bills but we would pay them when they were due. As we get on a better financial footing, we started paying them earlier and earlier in the month. We are now at the point where I’ve got the money before the bill even comes in. When I went to pay the credit card bills this month, the bills hadn’t come out yet. I want to pay the bill but I can’t because it won’t count toward my minimum payment and I’d have to make another payment before the end of the month. I want to send them the money but I can’t yet. Grrrrrr. *shakes fists in the air* TAKE MY PAYMENT!!!

Who knew I’d ever be excited to see the credit card bills come in?

Yes, I’m strange. I know. But when you get to the point where you are determined to pay everything off and be debt free, you start to get a little nuts.