You gotta fight for your right…

to use coupons! This is what I had to last night at the grocery store.

Last night, I went grocery shopping.  I had a meal plan in my head as well as a mental list (I know, bad frugal CPA). We actually did fairly well. I knew what the sales were and didn’t buy anything outside the meal plan. We bought a ton of meat, all on sale and some with coupons. I had a coupon for $3 off a $15 meat purchase from a competitor. I found the coupon after Michelle at Wicked Cool Deals posted about it. When I was checking out, he handed me back that coupon and stated that they do not accept competitor’s coupons. I told him I went to a blog post specifically about this store and was told I could use this coupon. Apparently, the cashier does not believe in the accuracy of my fellow bloggers and hands me back the coupon. I’m sure that Michelle would not steer me wrong. She got me free chocolate today (have I told you how much I love this woman?).

As I was walking out of the store, grumbling to my husband and checking my receipt, I looked up to see a huge sign by the door that read “This store will be accepting COMPETITOR’S COUPONS during the months of May and June”. My husband later told me that I got a crazy “puma ready to pounce” look in my eyes as I swiftly grabbed my coupon file and darted back into the store. My husband knows this look well. He’s sees it alot when I find an incorrect price on my receipt. I went back into the store and got my $3. I also went back to the cashier to let him know about the sign. The head cashier even came up to me to appologize. I asked if the store has a written copy of their coupon policy. I was told they would look into it. I explained to them that it is very difficult to keep up with their coupon policy because it keeps changing. The head cashier told me she would follow up with me. It appears she recognized me. Hopefully, I’m not the crazy woman with all the coupons. There must be someone at that store more savings driven that I am. I’ve never seen him or her when I’m at the store, but I don’t think the store could handle more than one of me at a time. I think we frugal types are genetically linked and know when the others are at the store so we can spare the employees.

Make sure you know the coupon policy at your local grocery store. Do not rely on your cashier to know it, especially if it changes a lot. As for me, I got my prey (my $3) and am one happy shopper. I’ll be looking for more competitor’s coupons. I hear Stop and Shop has double $1 coupons this week. I think the crazy look is returning.

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