Quicktip: Hit the coupon sites at the beginning of the month

Here’s the deal with the coupons sites: Most of them refresh their coupons at the beginning of the month. Therefore, it is very important that you hit those sites on the first of the month to get all the new offers. Many of them are limited and as the month goes on, they drop off the site. Get them while you can.

Rumor had it that there will be 5 coupon flyers in tomorrow’s Sunday paper. Might be a good day to purchase an extra paper, especially with back to school quickly approaching. Generally, the summer is a terrible time for coupons and this summer was no exception. About a month before school starts, the coupons start getting better and seem to be pretty good until about January. At that point they slow down a bit before getting really crappy in the summer again.

Go mighty coupon clippers and slay the high cost of groceries!

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