My husband klings to cash and does an awesome job for Christmas!

I am having a wonderful Christmas. My husband and I exchanged gifts last night and I was so impressed with his shopping abilities. We had a very small Christmas budget for each other, $100 each. He did an amazing job with his budget.

He told me afterwards that he was looking at those mail order pajama gifts; you know those ones that come in a hat box with chocolates. They advertise all over the radio around the holidays. Well, those things are pretty expensive so my husband made his own. He went to a local craft store and bought a beautiful hat box on clearance. He then went to a warehouse club we belong to and purchased chocolates and a cute pair of pajamas. He made his own pajama gift for a fraction of the price, plus I got a ton of chocolate!

He also knows I am a huge fan of those really expensive french enameled cast iron pots and pans. I own a few of them that I’ve gotten on sale and from their outlet store. Well, while at the warehouse club, my husband found one of those pots, made by another company for about 1/3 the price of the expensive french brand. He also bought me a new rolling pin (I really wanted one) and candy for my stocking.

I can’t believe he was able to buy all that stuff with his budget. I’m so impressed with him. We’ve made saving a family affair in our house. It’s cool that we are able to buy each other things that we want and still know that we didn’t break the bank doing it. Merry Christmas!

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