Meal plan and groceries: Great week at the store


Thor is inspecting the groceries to make sure everything is safe for human consumption. Good kitty!

I got caught up on some things over the weekend but didn’t have time for grocery shopping. Finally got that done today. I did really well at the store today. Some of my best deals:

  • Split chicken breast, regularly 2.99/lb was .99/lb. Savings:  $7.08
  • Eggs were only .99/dozen
  • 2 boxes of frozen pierogis, regularly 3.19 a box, with sale and coupons I paid $1 per box.
  • 4 boxes of coffee filters, regularly 2.29/box, with sale and coupons I paid .65/box.
  • BBQ sauce was only .49 a bottle after sales and coupons.
  • Chicken grill seasoning was 2.29 per bottle. It was B1G1, plus I had a 1.00 coupon and a .75 coupon. They tripled the .75 coupon, so I got 3.25 off which means they paid me .96 to take it home for them.
  • Carolina rice was 1.oo per bag. I bought four bags. I had two .75 coupons which they tripled. They paid me to take that home, too. I made .50 on that deal.

I love when the store pays me to take things off their hands. There were only two things I bought this week that weren’t on sale, the mushrooms and the peppers. Those are for salads and pizza. Everything else was on sale or I had a coupon, even the store brand stuff which worked out well since I had no idea the lasagna noodles and the stuff I needed for enchiladas would be on sale. Total before coupons and sales: 96.49. Cash paid: 45.43. Total saved: 51.06 or 53%. My coupons savings alone were $15.50 which is a good week for me.

This week’s menu:

Monday: Chicken enchiladas, yellow rice and corn

Tuesday: Crockpot swedish meatballs

Wednesday: Lasagna and salad

Thursday: BBQ chicken and stuffing

Friday: Deep dish pizza

Saturday: Hamburgers

Sunday: Pancakes and sausage

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