Crazy week: Grocery shopping and menu

I have a blog? I nearly forgot. This has been a crazy week. The semester is coming to an end and I have a ton of grading to finish. Almost done though!

I did my meal plan last Friday and went shopping. The sales weren’t great at the two stores I normally frequent most, so I went to PriceRite (kinda like Aldi’s for those of you outside New England).  I spent $43. I just needed staple stuff and PriceRite is an awesome place for that stuff. I love PriceRite because I walk out with a cart full of groceries for very little money. So I have $125 left for groceries. We are supposed to refill our grocery budget two weeks from tomorrow. I’m going to try to stretch it out a little farther, but we are running out of a lot of stuff and I see a major shopping trip in my future very soon.

A friend of mine emailed me earlier this week frustrated with grocery stores and trying to hit the deals. I don’t know how things work in your neck of the woods, but catching the sales in Northern Connecticut can sometimes cause hysteria and mass panic. We get flyers in the Thursday and Sunday papers. There are three stores in my area what put their flyers in the Thursday paper. One starts its sale on Thursday, the other two on Friday. The two stores that put their ads in the Sunday paper start their sales on Sunday. It’s very difficult to  get all the flyers together and match them up with the coupons since the sales start on different days and if you shop on Friday, like I usually do, you’ve got flyers from last week’s Sunday paper plus the flyers from Thursday’s paper. God forbid you want to go shopping on Thursday. Now you’ve got three papers worth of flyers to work with. I can’t be bothered. I either go to one of two stores. I don’t go to multiple stores a week. I pick the store with the best deals and go there. I don’t have the time, energy or gas money to shop multiple stores.

Menu for the week (yes, I know the week is almost over):

  • Friday: Deep dish pizza
  • Saturday: Had a late lunch with some friends, no dinner
  • Sunday: Pork tenderloin with mashed potatoes and corn (There were two tenderloins in the package so I made an extra one to use later in the week.
  • Monday: Shepard’s pie with leftover mashed potatoes and corn
  • Tuesday: Had a business meeting and ate a salad while there. Husband had leftover pizza.
  • Wednesday: Chicken parm and pasta with salad
  • Thursday: Pork soft tacos with the second pork tenderloin I made Sunday

Do you every get frustrated by the craziness that is grocery shopping and hunting for the best deals? One of our local stores stopped doubling coupons for a while and now they are back. Sometimes it feels like you need to call the store each week to see what their policies are today. How do you find the best bang for your grocery buck?

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