A lifesaver: Slime-Smart Tire Repair Kit

I woke up Saturday morning to a flat tire. It was really, really flat. I went to Target to get a can of Fix-A-Flat, because that’s what I’ve always used for flat tires. After walking the auto aisle three times, I was about to give up and go to another store. Then I saw Slime Smart Spare. The kit comes with a bottle of green tire sealant and a portable inflater which uses your car’s cigarette lighter for power. I got home and read the directions. The kit was easy to use and my tire is as good as new. The tire sealant is good for one tire, but you can buy additional bottles of sealant anywhere the product is sold. The kit was about $20 at my local Target.

As a woman, I always worry about getting stuck if my car breaks down. You either have to wait for a tow truck or try to put on your spare yourself. This product was quick and easy to use. I didn’t have to put on my spare or go to the gas station to fill my tire after using a can of the other product. You can also use the pump to regularly fill tires. It even comes with a tool to fill bike tires. The best part? The pump has a tire gauge built into it so you know exactly how much pressure is in your tire!

I’m so impressed with this product. Everyone should have this kit in their trunk. Faster and less expensive than calling for help and it’s got multiple uses! That’s my kind of product.

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