This week’s meal plan

There are a few things from last week’s meal plan that we didn’t eat and a few things we did make this week that I have leftovers from that I want to incorporate this week. Last night, my husband made a roast chicken so I’ll incorporate the leftover meat and then make some stock later in the week.

Monday – Peanut chicken stirfry (w/ leftover chicken from Sunday)
Tuesday – Hamburger skillet
Wednesday – Stew w/ garlic breadsticks
Thursday – Chicken parm (see recipe page)
Friday – Pizza
Saturday – Build your own casserole (see recipe page)
Sunday – Pork chops

I’ll make the stew either in the crockpot or in my dutch oven. I like using the dutch oven because the stew always seems to come out thicker.

I don’t have much shopping to do this week. Just some milk and yogurt. I have everything else on hand from last week or from the freezer.

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