SNAP Challenge Meal Plan for the week of October 10

After my near breakdown on Friday, I strengthened my resolve to finish the challenge. I decided that I would purchase the sale items at Stew Leonards, but save them for next month after the challenge is over. I thought that was a good compromise and kept me going. I also noticed that my freezer is full. I mean FULL so this week, I’m doing a bit of shopping from the freezer for my meal plan. We also had some stuff left over from last week, like roasted chicken, cheese and deli ham which we will use this week.

That chicken went really far last week. We got two dinners out of it, plus I made stock from the bones and picked off the rest of the chicken. I have another two cups of chicken which I will use for sandwiches and enchiladas this week. I also purchased that big package of ground beef and chicken last week so I won’t have to purchase any meat this week.

Breakfasts this week will be cereal (leftover from last week), english muffins with peanut butter (also leftover from last week) or breakfast sandwiches with eggs, sausage and chese (again leftover from last week). Lunches will be leftovers. I made fruit and jello cups for snacks (50 cents for a can of mixed fruit and 50 cents for a box of jello), plus later in the week I’ll make some peanut butter cookies. We still have bananas left from last week as well and I made apple sauce over the weekend with the apples purchased last week. I think we are doing very well in the snack department and most of them include fruit!

Last week we didn’t have tortellini soup (I made pizza that night with leftover sauce from the spaghetti, homemade dough and bits of cheese leftover from last week)

The dinner plan this week is:

Monday – Baked pasta with garlic bread sticks and salad

Tuesday – Sausage and cheese omelets, toast

Wednesday – Tortellini soup with grilled ham and cheese sandwiches

Thursday – Baked pasta with ham and green beans

Friday – Chicken, stuffing and corn

Saturday – Chicken and bean enchiladas (trying to make my own enchilada sauce based on the recipe linked. I’m going to change the seasonings a bit based on what I have access to)

Sunday – Shepard’s pie (I’m substituting the gravy ingredients with leftover gravy from the mini meat loaves I made last week)


I took some items from the pantry:

Can of fruit (50 cents)
Packet of jello (50 cents)
2 boxes of pasta ($1 each)
3 cans of tomato paste (33 cents each)
1 bag of tortellini ($1.50)
1 bag of mozzarella cheese ($2.00)
1 box of stuffing mix ($1)
1 bag of corn (69 cents)
1 bag of frozen green beans (69 cents)

Total: $8.37

What do I have to buy this week? Milk and butter. That’s it. I had $95.54 left over after last week’s shopping. I have spent $8.37 cents so far this week, leaving me with $87.17. I was really worried after last week but I did great this week. My planning last week really paid off.

Need some ideas for your meal plan? Check out Menu Plan Monday at There are hundreds of menus posted each week with lots of great recipes.

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