Menu Plan Monday

Now that tax season is over and the semester is winding down, I’m getting back into meal planning mode. I’ve gone through the freezer and pantry to see what I have on hand. I really don’t need to buy much to make this menu, so it should be a small grocery trip.

Today: Sloppy joes and carrot sticks

Tuesday: Chicken parm, pasta and salad

Wednesday: Pork tenderloin, stuffing and corn

Thursday: Baked pasta with salad

Friday: Chili and cornbread

Saturday: Build your own casserole

Sunday: Sweet and sour popcorn chicken with rice

This is the layout I have now, but I might end up moving some things around. One of the things that I try to do with my meal plan is have a few things in there that are really easy to make since there are some days you just don’t feel like cooking. I also put a few things in there that don’t require me to prepare ahead of time. I’m sure I’ll forget to take the pork tenderloin out of the freezer and I’ll have to sub in the baked pasta instead. Having already cooked hamburger in the freezer is a life saver for nights like that since I can just defrost the hamburger in the microwave and dinner will be ready in a flash.

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