Meal plan and no grocery shopping

I’m not going grocery shopping this week. I don’t want to spend the money and I want to get everything out of the freezer in the basement so I can defrost it. It’ll be a little creative, but not terribly so. I’ll probably bake some bread tomorrow. I made cookies on Saturday. I’ve got a lot of stock in the house, but many pantry items are running low. I might try to do this again next week, but we are starting to run low on meat and the husband might get bitchy.

Monday – Swedish Meatballs (see recipe page for this one).

Tuesday – Pork Chops, rice and some type of  frozen veggie from the freezer.

Wednesday – Pierogi beef skillet (I’m going to use ground turkey for this).

Thursday – Chicken Parm (easy recipe on the recipe page).

Friday – Deep Dish Pizza (I know I praise this recipe all the time, but it seriously keeps my budget balanced).

Saturday – We’ll be out all day at a tea party, so I might need to spring for some rolls to make hot dogs. The hot dogs are in the freezer though, which does help with my plan.

Sunday – Going to a birthday party so no dinner.

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