May 14th picture of the week

Since I have my new phone of awesomeness (more on that next week), I thought I’d start posting some pictures. Keep in mind I am not a photographer. I’m just your run of the mill accountant with no eye for lighting and color, who is running around with a camera in her phone. This could be dangerous!










Look, I took pictures before we cut into the bread! This is the loaf I baked for dinner last night. Jeff was fiddling with the blog when I pulled this out of the oven so I got to take a picture before he started hovering. It’s the basic recipe from Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day. This was my second batch of dough and it had been in the fridge for about 10 days. You could really start to taste the sour dough in this one. I even forgot to add the water to the oven until half way through baking and it still turned out great.

Since this was the last bit of dough, I started the olive oil dough for the weekend. I’m going to make pizza and calzones this week plus a loaf of Italian bread. I’ve got to see if I can adapt the recipes to make hamburger buns. I’m fairly certain this will work. I’ll post pictures of the final product when I do it.


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