Why I keep going

Saturday, I was having a pretty rough day. I was frustrated with a lot of things in my life and just wanted to stop. I logged into Facebook to play a game check my notifications. Early that morning, I had posted the following on my personal Facebook page:

Close to 10,000 views on my YouTube videos…WOW! Even more impressive when you realize they are accounting videos! WOW!

Not long after that one of my nephews posted the following response:

That’s awesome, and just to think that more people have viewed your tutoring than you could have reached in 10 years in the classroom alone. Spread the knowledge around like a boss Aunt Kristin

Sometimes it takes a little perspective to get the motivation going again. I can’t tell you how much that comment changed my entire weekend. When I started to think of all the students all over the world (THE WORLD!!) who are watching my videos and leaving comments on them about how I was helping them, it confirmed my calling. Were there still some bumps in the road this weekend? Yup. But I approached things with an entirely different way of thinking.

By the way, I made seven more videos yesterday. Thanks, A.J.

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